1. A Cappella Freestyle #3

  2. Oh Yeah Freestyle

  3. Workin' For A Livin' (Remix) (House Sessions Version)

  4. Home Alone Tonight (Remix) (House Sessions Version)

  5. Cake By The Ocean (Remix) (House Sessions Version)

  6. One Week (Remix) (House Sessions Version)

  7. A Cappella Freestyle #2

  8. A Cappella Freestyle #1

  9. Some Vocal Percussion (Part 2)

  10. Strip It Down (Remix) (House Sessions Version)

  11. Another Part Of Me (Remix) (House Sessions Version)

  12. What Do You Mean? (Remix) (House Sessions Version)

  13. She's Kinda Hot (Remix) (House Sessions Version)

  14. Cheerleader Freestyle

  15. Malibu Freestyle

  16. Retro Forward Freestyle

  17. Fine By Me Freestyle

  18. Leave The Night On Freestyle

  19. Back Here (Remix) (House Sessions Version)

  20. Beer On The Table Freestyle

  21. Problem Freestyle

  22. River Bank Freestyle

  23. Celebrity Chick Freestyle

  24. Kick The Dust Up Freestyle

  25. Animals Freestyle

  26. House Sessions Freestyle (June 26)

  27. American Kids Freestyle

  28. Ain't It Funny Freestyle

  29. Bartender Freestyle

  30. Phenomenon Freestyle

  31. Christmas Rappin' Freestyle

  32. Homegrown Honey Freestyle

  33. What About Love (Remix) (House Sessions Version)

  34. A Thousand Miles Freestyle

  35. Happy Freestyle

  36. House Sessions Freestyle (April 20)

  37. When She Says Baby (Remix) (House Sessions Version)

  38. Misery (Remix) (House Sessions Version)

  39. Drunk On You (Remix) (House Sessions Version)

  40. It Makes Me Ill (Remix) (House Sessions Version)

  41. Where It's At (Remix) (House Sessions Version)

  42. Rewind (Remix) (House Sessions Version)

  43. Point At You (Remix) (House Sessions Version)

  44. This Is How We Roll (Remix) (House Sessions Version)

  45. Press Play on Heartbreak


L.T. Dickey Toronto, Ontario

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Leigh was bitten by the performance bug early. One of his first memories is portraying a mouse in a class Christmas play in 1995. Leigh has worn many hats in his life. Including that of, singer, rapper, songwriter, comedian, actor, and multi-instrumentalist. Leigh is always open to exploring new ideas, collaborations, and avenues. ... more

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